The Good Luck – Bad Luck Sale.

We got a big archive sale going on, cleaning out the Detlet vault full of silkscreened posters & more.
Some work from our art academy days, some more recent. Limited editions or one of a kind work,
A chance for you to purchase Detlet classics and earn some free karma points*.
Because we can all use some luck in these times.

You can choose the price, will it be €6.66 or €7.77?
Become a happy spender or a cheap bastard?
*Be warned, karma points are only included in the full price option

The posters in the shop are from our archive, some of them from our days at the art academy almost 6 years ago.
They are mostly handprinted and may have some signs of wear and tear built up over the years. You can also say this gives it character.